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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes & Dark Hair

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes & Dark Hair

Choosing the right eye shadow depends on the colour of the eye. It is then very important to use the right eye shadow colour.

I am going to be talking to you today about how to choose the right eye shadow colour if you have blue eyes. It's really important when you're choosing the right eye shadow, so look at your eye colour and see if it is completely blue or whether you have some other colours in there, maybe some greens, maybe some greys because it going to help you to choose the colour you want. Now, Jenny here has blue eyes, but she has also got specks of green in.

So, what we're going to choose to use on Jenny is some golds and some coppers and some browns. Those are the great colours to use if you have blue eyes. But as I mentioned, she has these green specks in the eyes as well, if you look very, very closely.

We're going to also choose to use maybe a little bit of violet or purple which is really going to help that eye colour to pop out. Another really great tip for blue eyes is to actually use a brown mascara. It's not as harsh on the eyes and it really helps to complement the colour and help the eye colour to pop out as well.

To make it easy for you as well, if you have a colour veil in front of you, you can have a look at where your eye colour sits, whether it's blue or green or brown or whatever and look on the opposite side. Those are the colours that you want to use when applying eye shadow. So, for example, blue, you would choose the browns, the coppers, the corals.

They all really, really complement. Obviously, for Jenny here, she's got some greens flex in her eyes, she wants to use some purple bits as well to help her eyes stand out. As well as thinking about your eye shadow colour for your eyes, and you also need to kind of tie in what you are wearing.

So if you're going out and you're wearing some really vibrant colours, you may want to keep your makeup quite neutral, in which case, stick to the copper colours, the brown colours, almost those neutral warm colours. If you're going out and you're wearing quite plain clothes, nothing bright on you, you may then choose to warm the eye up a little bit more, make it a bit more bright and choose some coral colours, some brown colours and maybe a little bit of purple in the eye line as well. So, to summarise, in order to find the right colour eye shadow for your blue eyes, you need to think about the pigments colour of your eyes, whether it's one or two colours in there, you need to look at the colour veil and choose your up six side colour to complement your eyes, and also, obviously tie in so that what you're wearing for the day and try and complement each.

And that's how it is to choose a right eye shadow for blue eyes. .