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NAILS: How To Apply Tips

NAILS: How To Apply Tips

An easy-to-follow demonstration for applying nail tips, with tricks and tips from an expert. Learn how to select, apply and perfect the technique.

Hello, my name's Laura Bliss. I've been a Nail Technician now for the past 12 years. I'm currently teaching at the London College of Beauty Therapy on the nail courses there.

So I'm going to show you how to apply a tip. I've already pre-prepared the nail, done all my cuticle work and taken the shine away. So I need to choose what size I'm going to be putting on to the nail.

So when you are choosing the size of your tip, if one is slightly smaller always go for the bigger one, because then literally you can just file the sides down to make it fit. You'd rather it too big than too small. And then just file it into the perfect size.

Measure it up to the free edge. So apply your glue just into the well of the nail all the way across, making sure it drips down to the end of the tip. Place it up to the free edge at a ninety degree angle, and then just press it down onto the nail.

Just make sure that you're not applying too much pressure because otherwise when you take it away it will ping off. Okay we're going to cut the length down, so line the tip cutters up to the point where you want your nail. Hold onto the tip so it doesn't ping and then just cut it off.

Then we're going to blend in the nail. So take the shine off the whole of the tip and then keeping on the extension we're going to blend in this line. Just perfect your shape, then when it's totally blended with your extension file and you can't see any line there at all, then just go over with your white block and smooth out the filing lines.

Just make sure that there's no debris underneath the nail. And that is a tip applied.