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NAILS: How To Do A Wrap Overlay

NAILS: How To Do A Wrap Overlay

This video is designed to demonstrate how to do a fiberglass wrap over a natural nail, a process that is both attractive, and helps to strengthen weak nails and repair torn nails.

Hello, my name is Laura Bliss. I've been a nail technician now for the past twelve years. I'm currently teaching at the London College of Beauty Therapy, on the nail courses there.

I'm going to show you how to do a fiberglass wrap over the natural nail. So, first of all, measure up the fiberglass so you know how much to cut off. Then peel the back of the fiberglass, and place it over the nail.

This is really good to strengthen weak nails. It's also really good for repairing tears in the natural nail. Cut off the excess first of all.

Make sure it's not overlapping at all, give it a nice margin around the cuticle and the side walls. Then apply resin to the middle of the nail, and then using the tip of your nozzle to spread it out to the corners. Then just spray with the resin activator to make it set.

And then you will repeat that same resin and activator process three times. So then just file off the excess fiberglass at the end of the nail, and then just lightly file around the cuticle area to make sure that it's flat to the nail. And then lightly go over with a white block to make sure it's nice and smooth, and then finish with a three-way block.

Finish up with some cuticle oil, and then just smooth the side of your buffer. And that is a fiberglass wrap over the natural nail.