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Perfect Abs - 6 Pack Training

Perfect Abs - 6 Pack Training

Here is an abdominal workout to get perfect a 6 pack. Using perfect form and the right intensity you can have great abs too. Workout advice from bodybuilder and lifestyle guru Nash Jocic is invaluable. Further information is available at www.ultimateshape.com

Step 1: Treat Them As Any Other Muscles

Abdominal muscles should be treated as any other muscles.
Train them hard, but don’t over train them.
Do them no more than two times per week.

Step 2: Isolate Them In Every Exercise

Always try to isolate just your abdominals in every exercise, stretching and squeezing them in every way.

Step 3: Do Your Crunches

Crunches are an excellent abdominal exercise for a strong and tight upper and middle section of the abdominal wall. 3 sets with 15 to 40 reps should be your target.

Step 4: Push Yourself

Train all-out every set until you reach your last possible repetition.
Squeeze them hard at the end of every rep.

Step 5: Do Your V-Sits

V-Sits are a very effective exercise for lower, middle, and upper abdominals.

Step 6: Focus Exclusively On Your Abs

Focus exclusively on your abs and do not use your legs to complete the movement.
Do 3 all-out sets with 15 to 30 repetitions in good form.