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Pick Up The Golf Ball With Your Club

Pick Up The Golf Ball With Your Club

VideoJug's golf expert Rickard Strongert shows you how to carry out this simple yet impressive trick. Do this on the golf course, and get that wow effect.

Step 1: Use the outside of your foot

First, use the outside of your foot to help you pick the ball up.

Step 2: Bounce on the club

Then try to bounce it on the clubface up into your hand.

Step 3: Pick up without your foot

When you master that, start to pick up the ball without your foot. Place the clubface right behind the ball, and twist your wrist to scoop it up.

Once you manage to scoop the ball up a few times, you can try to bounce it up to your hand.

With practice, you will be able to lift the ball all the way up to your hand.

Step 4: Lift the ball from the clubface

Finally, try resting the ball on the clubface and then lift it up from there.

Once you have mastered picking up the ball this way, why not try some other methods shown in our video “different ways to pick up the ball with the club”.