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Pilates For Intermediates: Balance Ball Workout - Part 2

Pilates For Intermediates: Balance Ball Workout - Part 2

Part two of this great series of videos shows VideoJug users more Pilates exercises to strengthen, tone and lengthen key muscles in your body. This is a great workout and one which will give you results.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 exercise mat
  • 1 balance ball
  • some comfortable clothing

Step 2: Exercise One: Push Ups

Step 3: To prepare

Lay forwards over your ball with your hands touching the floor in front and arms straight. Slowly walk them forwards until just your thighs are resting on top of the ball.

Adjust your hands to sit directly under your shoulders and have your legs and feet together.

Step 4: Breathing

You will inhale deeply through the nose to begin the exercise, aiming the breath towards the back of the rib cage and exhale through the mouth to complete the movement. As always, use the exhalation to activate your abdominal muscles.

Step 5: The exercise

Inhale, flex your elbows and lower your upper body towards the floor, then exhale to push back up. Inhale again to repeat the flexion, and exhale to push up.

Repeat this 8 times in total making sure you keep your neck in line with your back throughout.

When you finish, roll back over the ball and relax.

Step 6: Exercise Two: Tricep Lift

Step 7: To prepare

Lie down on your mat with your back flat and the ball behind your head. Have your knees bent and feet hip distance apart.

Take hold of the ball in both hands and straighten your arms to the ceiling.

Step 8: Breathing

This exercise will be performed in 2 breaths.

Step 9: The exercise

Inhale, take the ball back over your head towards the floor, bending your elbows, exhale and lift it back to the ceiling. Inhale to bring it down again and exhale to lift.

Repeat this 8 times paying particular attention to not letting your rib cage pop out or allowing the ball to touch the floor.

Step 10: Exercise Three: Sit Ups

Step 11: To prepare

Place the ball down on the lower part of your tummy and rest your hands on the front of it.

Step 12: Breathing

You will use two long breaths to prepare then use short out breaths to perform the exercise.

Step 13: The exercise

Inhale and gently lengthen the back of your neck, then exhale, flex your upper body off the floor and roll the ball up to your knees. Inhale again here, then take short out breaths while contracting and relaxing your abdominal muscles in a small pulsing action.

Count up to 20 continuing to pulse - then when you finish, relax your upper body back down to the mat and roll the ball back to your tummy.

Step 14: Exercise Four: Lower and Lift

Step 15: To prepare

Place the ball between them and relax your arms down by your sides.

Step 16: Breathing

This exercise will be performed over 2 breaths.

Step 17: The exercise

Inhale as you lengthen your knees away from you and lower the ball towards the floor, then exhale to contract your abdominals and bring the ball back up. Inhale to lower again, and exhale to do the same thing.

Repeat this 8 times keeping your stomach firm throughout to prevent your lower back from arching.

When you finish, place the ball to one side and hug your knees into your chest.

This exercise completes part two of our intermediate balance ball workout. Be sure to watch part one to get the complete workout.