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Pilates For Intermediates: Band Workout - Part 1

Pilates For Intermediates: Band Workout - Part 1

These Pilates videos are especially designed for intermediates. This film shows you a key workout to help strengthen and tone your muscles through Pilates with these simple VideoJug steps.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 exercise mat
  • 1 rubber exercise band - approximately 6ft long
  • comfortable clothing

Step 2: Exercise One: Curl Back and Rotate

Step 3: To prepare

Sit down on your mat with your knees bent, feet together and flexed back and your back straight. Place the centre of the band around the soles of your feet and move them a little further away from you.

Have hold of both ends of the band in either hand.

Step 4: Breathing

You will inhale deeply through the nose to prepare, aiming the breath towards the back of the rib cage and exhale through the mouth.

As always, use the exhalation to activate your abdominal muscles.

This exercise will be performed over 8 breaths.

Step 5: The exercise

Inhale to prepare, exhale, and starting from the base of the spine, roll back into a curve, while stretching the band into a V.

Inhale hold the flexion, rotating your torso to one side and reaching the top arm slightly higher, exhale and rotate back to the centre bringing the arm down.

Inhale, rotate to the other side, reaching the top arm slightly higher, exhale to return to the centre. Finally, inhale here, and exhale to articulate through the spine back up to sitting.

Repeat the whole sequence 2 more times concentrating on keeping your neck in line with your back and shoulders down.

When you finish, put the band down to one side.

Step 6: Exercise Two: Parallel Leg Press

Step 7: To prepare

Lie down with your lower back flat into the floor and draw your knees into your chest.

Put the centre of the band around your heels and hold onto each side in either hand.

Have your feet together and in parallel.

Step 8: Breathing

This exercise will be performed over 2 breaths.

Step 9: The exercise

Inhale here, then exhale and push your heels forwards onto a low diagonal straightening the legs and keeping a lot of tension on the band. Inhale to return to the start, exhale to repeat the movement.

Do this 10 times, actively using the backs of your legs and keeping your abdominals firm.

Step 10: Exercise Three: Parallel Leg Press and Flex

Step 11: To prepare

Stay lying in exactly the same position. The mechanics of this exercise are similar to the last, with one extra movement added.

Step 12: Breathing

This exercise will be performed over 4 breaths.

Step 13: The exercise

Inhale and lengthen the back of your neck, exhale, press your heels forwards to straighten your legs and simultaneously flex your upper body off the floor.

Inhale stay, exhale bend the knees back in and return your upper body to the floor.

Repeat this 6 times being aware of keeping your shoulders down throughout.

When you finish, place the band to one side and hug your knees into your chest.

Step 14: Exercise Four: Side Leg Press and Lift

Step 15: To prepare

Lie down on one side with both knees slightly bent. Wrap the band around your top foot and hold both ends in your top hand. Prop the other elbow up and support your head in the palm of the hand.

Step 16: Breathing

This exercise will be performed over 5 breaths.

Step 17: The exercise

Inhale to prepare, exhale and keeping the top of the band close to your chest, push your heel to straighten your leg. Inhale lift the leg slightly higher and exhale to bring it back down. Then inhale bend the knee back up and you're ready to exhale and push again.

Do this 8 times in total actively using your leg muscles throughout.

When you finish, change sides and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

This exercise concludes part one of our intermediate exercise band workout. Be sure to watch part one to get the complete workout.