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Pole Dancing For Beginnners: How To Do Transitional Moves

Pole Dancing For Beginnners: How To Do Transitional Moves

Transitional moves are key to any pole dancing routine, so watch with VideoJug on how to perform them. Pole dancing expert Elaine Gosling shows us how to perform it properly.

Step 1: You will need

  • A free-standing pole
  • Comfortable clothes with bare arms and legs
  • A pair of very high heels

Step 2: Fit the pole

Before you begin pole dancing make sure your pole is securely fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Give yourself lots of space and ensure that there is nothing obstructing your movement.

Step 3: Don't use lotions

Never pole dance wearing oils or lotions as these make the pole slippery and hazardous.
You may need to wipe down the pole too before you start to remove any grease and give you maximum grip.

Step 4: Stretch

Always warm up and cool down properly when you are pole dancing; and check that you are fit and healthy enough to start this physically demanding exercise.

Step 5: Backwards wiggle

Stand with your back to the pole and grab the pole with both hands behind you, just above your head.
Wiggle your hips from side to side as you slide down the pole into a crouching position.
Run your hands down the front of your body to your knees.
Finish the move with a cheeky flash by pushing your knees apart before raising yourself into a standing position.

Step 6: Body wave

To begin, grab the pole with your strong hand, your right hand if you are right handed.
Stand with your knees bent and your toes forward.
For the wave, first push your chest forward towards the pole, push your hips back, then your shoulders back, and hips forward again. Repeat this in a fluid movement for a transition into any move.

Step 7: Wiggle down

Stand facing the audience with your feet on either side of the pole.
Grip the pole with your strong hand at about head height.
Wiggle your hips from side to side and slide down the pole to a crouching position. Finally, push your hips back and raise yourself up, uncurling your upper body as you go into a standing position.