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Pub Tricks: The Cheapest Drink

Pub Tricks: The Cheapest Drink

Blag a drink off a friend by pulling this special little pub trick. Bet them you can polish off their drink without touching the glass. An easy win for you means the cheapest drink in the bar... but how's it done? This is pub magic at its finest, that you can learn yourself to impress your friends and con them out of their booze...

Booze is pricey. Too pricey, sometimes. Here's a cheap trick that'll blag you a cheap drink off a half-drunk chum with ease.

Pop a beer mat over their glass, and tell them you bet them a quid or a buck or whatever that you can drink their drink without touching the glass, the beer mat or the table, and without using a straw or anything.

They'll sit and puzzle it over for a while before accepting the bet.

Remove the beer mat, lift the glass to your lips, and polish off their booze. Accept that you lost oh-so gracefully, and toss them the money. Bargain drink. Move on to the next person and try your luck again. Keep going round the bar till you either pass out or are chucked out...