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Quickstep - The Do's And Dont's On The Dance Floor

Quickstep - The Do's And Dont's On The Dance Floor

Quickstep - The Do's And Don'ts On The Dance Floor. If you haven't realised already, there's a lot more to dancing than just learning the steps, so we're going to show you all the things you should and shouldn't be doing on the dance floor.

Step 1: What to wear

This really does just boil down to common sense. Ballroom dancing is a social activity, so you really shouldn't dress in an inappropriate or anti-social way. You should dress comfortably and thoughtfully, right from the shoes on your feet to the shirt on your back. Trainers are a no-no and although heels are necessary for women, they shouldn't be ones that could land you in the emergency room of a hospital.

Step 2: Keep it light

The quickstep, as the name suggests, is well known for its fast and light movements, as they are essential for the whole look of the dance. Avoid being heavy footed or generally stomping around like an elephant. Check out our film on tuning up your technique for more on footwork.

Step 3: Orientation on the dance floor

It's no good knowing how to do the steps if you're not entirely sure where on the dance floor you should be stepping. This is most important when you take yourself out of a class and into a dance hall around lots more other couples. In the case of the quickstep, good orientation is vital. The fact that it moves so fast can make it a pretty dangerous dance if you get lost half way through the sequence!

Firstly, you must always move anti-clockwise around the floor and never clockwise.

Secondly the floor is divided into 3 invisible lanes. The outside - or 'slow lane', is for the beginners; the inside lane for intermediates, and the centre of the floor for the advanced dancers only.

So the golden rule, while you're still learning, stay away from the centre!

Step 4: Be respectful on the dance floor

This is pretty simple. If you're nice to others then others will be nice to you. Use a hand signal to give way to other couples. Otherwise you could end up poking, prodding, elbowing, and even brawling - which would most likely get you thrown off the floor or out of the class and asked never to return.

Step 5: Make it fun

Some of the ballroom dances require a straight face but not the quickstep. Unlike the waltz for example, you can have a more relaxed expression to show you're enjoying the dance. However, don't go over the top. It's not a contest for who has the nicest teeth.