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Sagittarius: A Day In The Life

Sagittarius: A Day In The Life

Follow a Sagittarius in their daily routine, and learn what to expect when spending the day with one. The is an essential guide to Sagittarius life, so find out all about those born between November 22nd and December 21st with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: At home

Sleep is definitely not one of Sagittarius's favourite pastimes. He won't want to do anything so static. Looks like he's just getting back from one of his travels. When he does have to stop for a moment, Sagittarius will want to keep himself busy and won't want to waste a moment so his partner better be ready to have a passionate intellectual debate.

Sagittarius won't have time to have a proper breakfast, as he'll be too busy going somewhere...anywhere. The hunter gatherer will graze when he can, although an ideal Sagittarian breakfast would probably involve plucking wild strawberries from a remote mountain top.

Step 2: At work

The archer won't want to be there, going to the same desk, doing the same job, every day. His boss may have to chain Sagittarius to his desk. Office based Sagittarians will, however, make the most of the situation as the archer is versatile and resourceful. A fun and positive colleague to have around even if he probably won't stay in the job for long.

Change is something Sagittarius can't do without. Looks like he's finding it difficult to keep focused in that regular Monday meeting. Sagittarius will prefer discussing the big picture to any of those mundane details.
But capture the interest of that wandering Sagittarian mind and colleagues will be rewarded with an optimistic, enthusiastic member of the team who will always be ready with an interesting anecdote.

Step 3: Socialising

Simply going to a bar after work is far too tame for the wandering archer. A night out should, preferably, be an international affair. If not, meeting his broad range of friends in as many different places as possible will have to do. And a night out wouldn't be complete unless there's at least some kind of adventure.