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Sugar Gliders: Pets Or Pests

Sugar Gliders: Pets Or Pests

These cute little marsupials can climb, run, and jump their way into your heart. Sugar gliders are nocturnal mammals that are about the size of a hamster with a tail like chipmunk. Because they are nocturnal they are quiet and cuddly during the day. But come nighttime— watch out! Watch this film to see what kind of mischief they get up to.

Step 1: What Is A Super Glider

What pet can climb, run, and glide hundreds of feet through the air, all while carrying a baby in its pouch?

It's a Sugar Glider! Sugar Gliders are nocturnal mammals that are about the size of a hamster, and they are becoming increasingly popular as pets. Lisa Bordelon is an expert on Sugar Gliders. She runs the web site, "sugar-gliders.com".

Step 2: Nocturnal Life

They're like having two pets because they're nocturnal. You've got this really laid back and cuddly little animal. Then at night it's like he has turned the batteries on? The crabbing sound is the distress sound. It's strictly a defense. A fear based sound.

Step 3: Commitment

Before you rush off to the pet store to buy one of these cute fuzzy creatures, there are some things you should know.

First and foremost, Sugar Gliders require a lot of attention. We're talking two to three hours a day, and they can live up to fourteen years.

They also need fresh food every day, like crickets, meal worms, fruits, and vegetables. These Sugar Gliders need special permits in California, Georgia, and Massachusetts.

Step 4: Super Glider Accesories

One accessory that every Sugar Glider should have is one of these bonding pouches. It actually keeps Sugar Gliders warm, close to you, and makes them feel very comfortable. As you can see, these babies, or we refer to as "Joeys", are feeling very comfortable around me. There are three in the pouch right now.

Step 5: Purchasing

Though kids love them, they are not a good starter pet for a young child. If you're considering purchasing a Sugar Glider, remember, they require more time and commitment than most exotic pets.