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Surfing: Pumping For Speed

Surfing: Pumping For Speed

Turn your basic surf skills to professional level with the help of our surfing experts here at VideoJug. This film teaches you the all important technique of pumping to increase your speed whilst surfing.

If you don't surf with speed, you won't be able to really surf at all. If the wave is perfect, you won't need to work for your speed, but in 90 per cent of cases you will and so this is where Pumping will come in useful.

Step 1: Speed

You need speed in order to get to the highest part of the wave to perform a manoeuvre. It all begins as you are angling down the line with your eye on your desired destination.

You should be in the standard surfing stance. As always, this is upright, with your knees bent.

Step 2: Body weight

Then, begin to transfer your bodyweight momentarily to your back leg and bring up your front leg. This should lift the nose of the board up and out of the water. For extra speed, try and lift the nose up the slope of the wave - then shift your balance forward and push down with your front leg, angling slightly back down the face of the wave.

Step 3: The pump

Increase each pump's momentum with added force until you're riding with your desired speed. Remember that each pump lasts just a fraction of a second, so get the timing just right and never lose sight of where you want to go.

As a final tip: Always try and anticipate the wave's shape as its form can change constantly. Good awareness will prepare you perfectly for your next manouevre.