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Surfing: The Barrel

Surfing: The Barrel

Our expert surfer will take you through a series of manoeuvres that will have you looking like a true professional surfer in no time. This time VideoJug shows you how to do the all important Barrel whilst surfing.

Step 1: What is a barrel?

The barrel is the part of the wave that has not yet broken or is about to break.

The actual barrel or tube depends on what the wave is breaking over. It needs to be in fairly shallow water, as the tube will form where the sea bottom topography changes from deep to shallow very suddenly.

Step 2: When?

Most tubes are ridden immediately after a take off and tricky bottom turn. Just as with those moves, good body positioning is essential: This is with your weight slightly on your back foot and your knees slightly bent.

Step 3: Try to stick to the wall of the wave

Or get as close to it as possible. If you ride out too far away from it, the lip could hit you on the head and that will be a sorry end to your ride!

But likewise, if you are too deep inside the tube, the wave's force will push you to where the lip is breaking. In this case, grab your board and pull it towards the wall.

Finally, as always, look in the direction you are going.