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Swimsuits For Your Body Shape: Apple

Swimsuits For Your Body Shape: Apple

Are you having a hard time finding swimwear for an apple body shape? This Video shares some secrets to looking great in a bathing suit no matter what size or shape you are. Flaunt your assets and look fabulous in a swimsuit this season!

Apples have a round profile, which means they carry weight on their stomach and bust, and tend to have thinner arms and legs.

If you want a two-piece, try a tankini or something with draping around the waist or hips. High cut bottoms will slim your legs.

If you want a one-piece, find a suit with a high percentage of lycra or spandex. A belt will give the illusion of a slimmer waist. Look for a lace or mesh insert, or a deep V - neckline can heat up your plus-size image.

Apples should go for dark, solid colors. It doesn't have to be black. Try a dark red or blue. You can also go for a one-piece with dark solid panels on the sides and a patterned middle to create a lengthy image.