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TaeKwon-Do: Speed Break With Back Turn

TaeKwon-Do: Speed Break With Back Turn

Perfect the Taekwondo move of The Speed Break With Back Turn. This is hard to perform, but VideoJug is here to help you master the basics with this expert film.

Step 1: Preparation

Before executing any break, it's important to physically prepare yourself to avoid any kind of injury.

That's why training your kick with a hand mitt is vital. Always keep in mind that the weapon of attack here is the heel of the foot.

The main aim, meanwhile, is to constantly increase the speed of your kick, while never losing your focus on getting maximum precision and power when striking the target.

Step 2: Practice

Make sure you're well versed in the basics of breaking before attempting the ambitious speed break with back turn.

You could do worse than taking a look at Videojug's other guides to board breaking elsewhere on the site.

And working on your basic breaking skills with plastic training boards - that you can break as many times as you like - will always benefit you immensely.

Step 3: The break

Ask a fellow master or student to hold the board and set it to the appropriate height.

To up the ante, attempt to break a single board held immediately above someone's head. But as you can no doubt imagine, great care must be taken when performing this technique.

Start from the basic ready position - this is balanced with your feet firmly on the ground and 70 per cent of your weight on your back supporting leg and with your arms and hands up in the guard position.

And now you need to activate complete and total concentration.

But before you try and actually break the board, just take a little time to measure the exact distance you need. Get it wrong, and you'll not only miss your target, but cause your volunteer a nasty injury!

Return to the ready position one final time and focus on your small target area. This should be just a few centimetres squared.

Now combine your focus, concentration and speed to break the board.