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Tennis: The Between The Legs Shot

Tennis: The Between The Legs Shot

Latin American tennis marvel Fabián "Fab" Nuñez Seixa demonstrates a dangerous yet crafty shot to startle your opponent. Master the between the legs shot in your tennis game with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: Run to the ball

You usually play the between-the-legs shot when you have been near the net and your opponent has played a good lob, too high for you to reach with a smash. Turn your body, keeping your eye on the ball, and run back, trying to stay within half a metre of the ball. Holding your racquet in the Continental grip, close in on the ball after the first bounce, as it starts to fall. Use short steps to adjust your position and inject a brief burst of acceleration so you run over the ball just as it drops to between ankle and knee height. Standing over the ball with your knees bent, as if you were laying an egg, this is the perfect moment to play your shot.

Step 2: The shot

Your posture and position in the court make a normal swing almost impossible. Instead, you propel the ball mainly with a movement of your wrist. Hold your racquet out in front of you and at the moment it touches the ball, flick your wrist down so the racquet hits the ball between your legs and follow through with your whole arm. Don't look back at your opponent too quickly, or you will lose direction, control, and stability. Continue to face the back of the court until you have finished playing your shot, sending the ball in hard and low to win the point.