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Tennis: The Top Spin Lob

Tennis: The Top Spin Lob

Don't stay in the defensive, play yourself back in the court in your tennis game! Fabián Nuñez Seixa shows how to play a topspin lob - the VideoJug way.

Step 1: When to use the shot

You use a topspin lob to play yourself out of a defensive position back in the court when your opponent is at the net.

Topspin makes the ball bounce further, so it is very difficult for your opponent to reach the ball. Played well, the shot will most likely be a winner.

Step 2: Prepare to meet the ball

As soon as you know where the ball is coming from, move your body to the correct position to play your shot.

You can play a topspin lob with either your forehand or your backhand, depending on your position and the flight of the ball.

Before trying the shot, learn the basic technique described in our videos "the forehand" and "the one-handed backhand grip".

Step 3: The shot

Meet the ball when it is rising, moving the racquet head upwards at impact as described in our video "high deep spin".

The ball should cross the net about five metres above the ground.

End the shot by throwing your arm: follow through strongly and let the racquet find its own finishing point.

The top spin lob is an intermediate speed shot. Hit the ball too hard and it will go out.

Hitting too gently makes it easy for your opponent to reach the ball in plenty of time.

When you hit a topspin lob don't look at your opponent. Instead aim for an imaginary point four metres above the net.

So hit the ball accurately and at a moderate strength to play a good topspin lob and win the point.