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The Best Way To Fix Scratched DVDs Or CDs

The Best Way To Fix Scratched DVDs Or CDs

This is the BEST tried and true method of repairing even badly scratched CDs and DVDs as tested time and again against other methods and widely agreed upon in PC tech forums across the web!

Step 1: Scratched CD's/ DVD's

You’ve probably seen other videos that show you how to repair CDs and DVDs. But I’m going to show you the best, tried, and true method.

Here’s a DVD that’s so badly scratched, it won’t even play.

Step 2: Method

Now, in the method you want to use toothpaste, but not the gel type. Just use the regular old toothpaste. Get this toothpaste and squeeze a bit of toothpaste on one spot on the DVD.

Use a soft cloth and begin moving the toothpaste in circular motions around the outside of the disc spreading the paste evenly.

As you go back and forth, begin applying more pressure. Continue to do this until the paste is almost dry. Then rinse the excess paste off the DVD with waterand then dry the disc with your cloth.

Step 3: The Secret

Now here’s the secret; it's called Calmar based car polish. It will make your CD or DVD play as good as new. Just wipe the car polish on the DVD, let it dry, and then polish iit up.

I’m not just going to show you a clean disc. I’m actually going to prove that this works. You can see how clean this badly scratched DVD now looks.