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The Girls' Guide To Music Festivals

The Girls' Guide To Music Festivals

It's hard work being a girl, especially at a music festival. We show you how to look good and stay clean with the minimum of fuss so you can enjoy the music and still look great, just in case you bump into the lead singer of your favourite band! Festival fashion, quick hair fixes and more...have a foxy festival girls!

Step 1: You will need

  • Beads, badges and scarves
  • Sun protection
  • Wetwipes, dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner
  • Pack of applicator tampons or towels
  • Bikini and small towel
  • Contraception
  • Mobile phone
  • wellies

Step 2: Pack Light

Sometimes the guys get it right. If you don't have a man on hand to carry your bags, packing light saves you lugging unnecessary items across a festival site in the blazing heat (or worse, the rain). Remember you're camping, think about what you really need, and leave the rest at home. Watch our film on "What to take to a festival" for the bare necessities.

You can squeeze in a couple of creature comforts as long as they're compact and light - after all, you never know who you could be entertaining in your tent!

Step 3: Accessorise

Adding small touches to your camping gear can work wonders on the style scale. Stick in some beads, or some funky scarves. They weigh very little, take up no space at all and you can combine them in different ways each day. If there are traders on site, you can also add to your outfit once you get there...

Step 4: Wear sensible shoes

Heels and mud don't mix. If you want feminine feet why not invest in some cool wellies? They're fun, foxy and keep your feet clean and dry - even better when they match your tent!

Step 5: Slap on the sunblock

It's tempting to tan if the weather is good, but remember you'll be outdoors from dawn til dusk. Wear a high-factor sunscreen, sunglasses and something to cover your head, because sunburn is just plain embarrassing.

Step 6: Stay clean

Boys can blithely recycle the same pants for days on end, but that doesn't mean you should. There may be showers available on site for a small fee, but they're often communal affairs - if you're shy, take a bikini or a swimming costume to protect your modesty.

Step 7: Improvise

If the showers are too busy, or you can't find any, there are other ways to keep yourself fragrant. Wet-wipes are a girl's best friend, and a bath in a packet when you're feeling hot and sweaty. You can also buy spray-on, dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner for your hair from most drugstores if you're worried about greasy roots - neither require water for use, so they're perfect for campers. Or you could just hide your matted mane under a headscarf - easy!

Step 8: Get ready to queue

Boys can - and will - wee anywhere, but girls should get ready to queue... The bigger the festival, the longer the line, so don't wait until you're bursting!

Step 9: Surviving your period

Come prepared - you may not be able to buy tampons on site if disaster strikes. Take applicator tampons or towels, because you can't guarantee your hands will be totally germ-free. Wash your hands before and after, and dispose of any waste in the bin, not down the loo.

Step 10: Be prepared

If you take the contraceptive pill don't think you can skip it for a few days. Plus it's not just boys who should carry condoms... Don't come home with more than just a tan...

Step 11: Stay safe

Use the same common sense at a festival as you would in the 'real' world - carry a phone, be vigilant with your valuables and don't accept unsealed drinks from strangers. Don't be scared to ask festival staff for help, and make sure your mates know where you are at night.

Step 12: Be scruffy!

Lastly, remember why you're here - ditch the make-up, learn to juggle and make some new friends! Your new-found rock'n'roll attitude may even bag you a rock star...