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The Maradona

The Maradona

Welcome to the Videojug Soccer School, brought to you in association with the Brazilian Soccer Schools. In this film we show you some how to do the Maradona.

The Maradona is a great skill for turning your man in a tight space

Start by alternating touches with both feet on top of the ball, building up speed as you get more confident.

Now turn as you touch the top of the ball with the last touch being behind you. Do one foot then the other building up speed as you go.

Put your foot on top of the ball, then to the side. Then turn and roll the ball forwards.

To make this move effective against defenders make the first touch a roll away from the defender. Then use the second touch to bring your body and the ball around the defender.

Now practice the skill against a defender. Use your body to shield the defender as you go past him. Try beating him both sides using the skill on either foot.

A great move if executed well that can be deadly.