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The Rhythm Of The Golf Swing

The Rhythm Of The Golf Swing

Professional golfer Rickard Strongert, explains how to play with a perfect swing rhythm. Not as easy as it looks, this is a key issue within golfing, and one hopefully that VideoJug will help you master.

Step 1: Key one

Don't make a slow backswing. The basic movement in the swing is a body rotation. It doesn't take long to turn your body back and forwards through your swing. To swing the club slowly you must interrupt your rotation during your backswing. This means that at some later point you need to start accelerating; as a result there is no flow to the swing. A slow backswing might cause you to start your downswing too early, if you become eager to hit the ball. When this happens, many people think their swing is too fast and will try to slow down, making the rhythm even worse.

Step 2: Key two

This brings us to key two: Complete your backswing before starting your downswing. Maintaining the rhythm and tempo of your body rotation makes it easier to complete the movement in the backswing. In turn, that makes it easier to get back to the ball with your shoulders square to the target as you strike it, helping your hands to accelerate the club head through the ball. When your rhythm is good, the space between your backswing and downswing is the slowest part of your swing. If it is too fast, your club will have slowed down by the time it reaches the ball.

So stay relaxed and have the confidence to swing with a nice smooth rhythm for a successful shot.