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Tips On Using The Toilet

Tips On Using The Toilet

Interlac, a VideoJug user, has created a film designed to give you many tips on toilet maintenance and using your toilet.

Step 1: Toilet History

My name is Robert. Our cameraperson is Vivian. The modern toilets are very inadequate. There was a day when the water tank was up next to the ceiling, and a chain was suspended and when you pulled the chain, five gallons of water surged down a pipe into the bowl.

Step 2: Modern Toilets

Nowadays we have a water tank that's about half that size, or less, and instead of getting the advantage of the gravity, from having the water up next to the ceiling, here it is down here.

Consequently, stoppages are common. In this building -- we live in an apartment building -- the word is, that everybody flushes twice, once halfway through and then again at the end. And even with that routine, stoppages do occur, so we all have a plunger and we have a stick to take care of any stoppages. Then possibly once a year or so, we even need a solvent, such as this one from Home Depot, which is called Drain Care.

Step 3: Types of Toilets

This is a very short toilet. It's very suitable for small people, especially little boys, who can stand up to the toilet bowl, right here. However, when a person gets taller, the person should convert from a standing up position to a sitting down position for the sake of neatness and cleanliness.

Anyone over four feet tall should consistently be using a sitting position, not a standing position. It's necessary, after using the toilet, to clear the urine channel. This is done in men by pinching a bit of skin and pulling forward and discharging any residue in the urine channel onto a piece of toilet paper. Okay, that's the first half. Now, for the second half of this video we're going to go into a different bathroom.

Step 4: Different Toilets

We've moved now into the other bathroom. This toilet is a better size for adults. However, it is still too shallow, and in order to raise the toilet seat it is necessary to get a riser, a toilet riser, such as this one that's on a hinge. This one is about three inches tall, but they come in even taller sizes. They can be found on Froogle, F-R-O-O-G-L-E, on the internet by using the search term toilet riser, singular.

Step 5: Sitting Position

Anatomically, the sitting position isn't the best. Over the tens of thousands of years that human beings have been on this earth, I presume that the most common position has been a squatting position on the ground. In order to imitate the squatting position, you can use a stepping stool, and put your feet up on the stepping stool. This really makes a significant difference.

Step 6: Using Toilet Paper

Using toilet paper is in two steps. The first step is when sitting on the toilet, and then the second step is in a standing position. The person stands up and bends over, and then uses a skin lotion, such as this one from Rite Aid, Moisturizing Skin Lotion, or Baby Magic, on the toilet paper and completes the use of toilet paper in that second step.