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Top Five Scariest Movie Scenes

Top Five Scariest Movie Scenes

Wondering what scary movies to rent for Halloween? Check out VideoJug's Top 5 Scariest Movie Scenes, and we'll help you recall all of the cinematic moments that made you afraid of the dark.

Step 1: Silence of the Lambs

This 1991 film defined the serial killer genre, and director Jonathon Demme planted some truly terrifying images into the minds of the audience. Who would've thought that night vision would inspire nightmares?

Step 2: Poltergeist

Director Tobe Hooper first shocked the world in 1974 with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Eight years later he would turn Steven Spielberg's screenplay into one of the most haunting films of all time, and cause a generation to check under their beds for clowns.

Step 3: The Ring

Originally, a Japanese film titled "Ringu", this 2002 remake brought that Eastern terror to the Western world. "The Ring" is notable for its brilliant premise and use of subliminal imagery.

Step 4: The Omen

This 1976 film was directed by Richard Donner. Mr. Donner bestowed massive amounts of praise on the composer Jerry Goldberg, who created one of the most chilling musical scores in the history of cinema.

Step 5: Deliverance

Author James Dickey concocted this mountain fear-fest. He wrote both the novel and the screenplay. If that wasn't enough, he played the role of Aintry Sheriff Bullard. Although, it's not technically a horror movie, this 1972 film scared the pants off of the audience(pun intended).