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Troubleshooting: Common Washing Machine Problems

Troubleshooting: Common Washing Machine Problems

So your washing machine has broken down? Dirty clothes piling up? Don't worry, with this video you can trouble shoot the problem yourself, and soon be one your way to getting that pesky washing machine fixed.

Always always always unplug your machine before trying any fancy handy work or it won't just be your washing that's in a mess.

Step 1: Leaking

The kitchen looks like a lake and your machine is spurting out water. Don't panic, the solution can be simple. Have a look around the door seal to check for wear and tear. Replacing the seal is easy, just remove the front panel and find where it fits to the tub. Pull the machine out and check for loose pipe connections. If you've not found the leak yet, it's probably overfilling itself due to a faulty water level sensor.

Step 2: No Water

Simple, first make sure you have selected the correct programme then make sure that your water hoses are correctly connected.

Step 3: Tango's across the kitchen

If your washing machine has a noisy life of its own then there's several solutions for you to check: Have you under/over loaded causing an unbalanced drum? Is it on an unlevel floor? Is the drum lose? If it's none of these things then it might be that the motor is on it's way out in which case you need an expert.

Step 4: Sticks mid-cycle

The machine could just be taking a break waiting for the water level to fill up or the water to heat to the right temperature, but if it seems to be waiting forever then you might have pushed the drain hose too far down the standpipe stopping the machine from emptying. If that doesn't sort it then it's likely to be a dodgy water valve or heating element.

Step 5: Completely refuses to work

So the machine is on strike totally. You've tried everything else and it's still having none of it. Time to call a professional I'm afraid.