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Wavy Waves

Wavy Waves

Wavy hair with granny rollers Look like you had your done by a pro :)

Step 1: Welcome to pursebuzz.com

Hey there. Welcome to pursebuzz.com. Today I'm going to talk about curling irons. I get a lot of questions as far as what kind of curling iron should I get. And I think there's three curling irons that everybody needs to own, especially if you're into curling your hair, you know. You're into doing all that fancy stuff with your hair. There's three different kinds that everyone should own. Maybe start with one and then see how you feel. So I've plugged two of mine in so I can show you.

Step 2: Hot tools:

One of my favourites that I have here is the hot tools, three-quarter of an inch curling iron. And this one is for formal curls. This is for tighter, smaller curls. And they come out like this. See it. And they come out like that, like ribbon curls. So this is something for prom, something formal, maybe if you want to do really curly pigtails or really curly all-over hair.

Step 3: The 'Helen of Troy':

And then the other favourite that I have is the Helen of Troy One and one-quarter of an inch. I love this thing. It’s so gross. It’s full of hair spray and all this stuff, but I’ve had it forever and it’s one of my favourites. And these are pretty much the two curling irons that you should look into getting, depending on how long your hair is. I had this curling iron when my hair was really short, and I just flipped it out. And so this one here gives you big curls. And so you can see the difference between a three-quarter and a one and one-quarter.

Step 4: The 411 on curling irons:

So, it’s pretty much what you want – you want tight curls, you want loose curls – those are the two curling irons I recommend. I know there’s a whole bunch – there’s like half inch, one and one-half, one inch, and all that stuff. So, depending on the size of the curl that you want, just kind of imagine your hair wrapped around it, and that’s the size that will come out. So that’s just kind of a little 411 on curling irons.

Step 5: Plastic Rollers:

And another product that I think everybody should have, if you’re into curling your hair, are plastic rollers. You can get them at the 99 cent store. You can get them at Sally’s. I think probably like Target, you know, any place that sells hair stuff usually has these plastic ones right here. They come in different sizes. This is the large one and this is the medium one.

Step 6: Keeping curls in:

So what I like to do is I like to curl my hair and then I put these to hold them. And if you’re somebody who has like the hardest time keeping your curls in, I’d totally recommend putting these in your hair. There’s, you know, the typical curl and then you just put it in, but today I’m going to show you the really cool way to curl your hair. It’s something a little different, not like kind of curls, but more of a natural kind of a wavy type of look.

Step 7: How to achieve the 'look':

So, going to take that one and one-quarter. Of course, put your protective spray and all that in, and start curling. Here we go. So, you’re going to do this all over your hair. You’re just going to take it, and then start from the middle, and you’re going to pull it down, open the clamp, pull it all the way up, and you’re going to get that type of curl right there. So what you’re going to do is – I like to rotate between this one and my larger one – and I take it. Kind of got to get a little thinking going, and you’ve got to … the way it’s curled, you’re going to take it and you’re going to wrap it around your roller. And this is going to give you a totally different type of curl than with just the regular curling iron. So I’m going to do a tight one, and then I’m going to do a loose one. You know, it doesn’t really matter how you curl it. The different types of techniques you use, the cooler your hair will