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What To Wear To A Festival

What To Wear To A Festival

Music festivals are a breeze if you know what to wear and come prepared for the best - and worst - of the weather. We provide a handy guide on what festival clothing to pack to keep you cool and protected from the sun, or warm and dry if it rains. Dust down your wellies and get ready for the mud!

Step 1: Forget fashion

There are two secrets to festival fashion - 'lightweight' and 'layers'. Stick to these two tenets and you'll be prepared for all eventualities - staying cool and covered in the blazing sunshine or warm and dry in the rain. Watch on, to find out what you will need...

Step 2: Essentials

There are a few basic items of clothing that every festival-goer should beg, steal, borrow or buy - the rest is up to you! Never take anything to a festival that you can't face getting ruined - you are camping, after all.

Waterproof jacket
A lightweight waterproof jacket to carry with you and keep off the rain.

Sensible shoes
Old trainers, sturdy boots or well-fitted wellies so your feet stay comfortable and dry. You'll be on them most of the day...

Scruffy trousers
Combats or old jeans are hardwearing and hide the dirt. Combats also have large pockets for storing stuff like loo roll.

Old t-shirts
A few t-shirts that you don't mind getting dirty are perfect as they don't take up much room in your bag.

Warm jumper
Even if it's hot during the day, a warm jumper will keep you cosy during your night-time campsite singalongs.

Sun protection
Take sunglasses and something to protect your head from the sun, whether it's a hat or a headscarf. You'll be outdoors all day, and a burnt scalp hurts.

Bottle opener
A bottle opener round your neck is great for making new friends with people who've forgotten theirs. Why not barter your services in return for beer?

Carry a torch on your person if you plan on staying out and watching music until after dark.

On top of that lot, pack more socks and clean pants than you think you'll need - they help you feel fresh, and if it rains, you'll get through them very quickly!

Step 3: Pack for the weather

Look at a weather forecast before you leave, and pack accordingly. If you really hate getting wet, take a pair of waterproof trousers. You can also buy disposable ponchos from camping stores, or on site at bigger festivals.

Step 4: Dress to impress

Most importantly, remember: at festivals, anything goes....style is a bonus, not a necessity.