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Why You Should Eat Fruit

Why You Should Eat Fruit

VideoJug is here to explain to you why you should eat fruit by showing you the health benefits of eating fruit like pears, grapes, apples and plums.

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Why you Should Eat Fruit

Step 2: Plums

Okay right , hi there, hi, hi, hi…well we're a pair of plums, a pair of plums. Oh right, okay, okay, well we've got loads of carbohydrates, lots of carbohydrates, great sugars, good for energy levels, very good for energy levels, very good, great snack. Well what else, umm, umm, really good source of fibre, fibre yes a lot of fibre, that's good for the bowels, yeah stimulates bowel movements, stimulates bowel movements, yeah works it all through. Umm we're also a good source of vitamin A, which is very good for your skin, skin, skin, yes it's very good for your skin. We're also free of cholesterol, yes now we won't actually help bring down your cholesterol, but we've got none in us, none in us whatsoever. So that's great, that's good, well that's us, there we are, yes, umm yeah, we're a pair of plums, a pair of plums.

Step 3: Apple

I am an apple, and I contain phytochemicals which can battle against cancer. I have no fat, lots of roughage to promote bowel movements, and I've only 40 calories. I also contain guercetin, which can protect against heart disease. And I'm a portable little guy, you know, you can take me anywhere. I fit in your pocket. You'll love me, gimme a try

Step 4: Pears

I am a pear right, and I'm 98% carbohydrates and that, which is all about helping you reduce your weight - cos it's got only half the calories wot fat has got. Apples yeh? They can naff off, cos I've got 30% more potassium than them- and you need that for maintaining heartbeat, and muscular contractions. I'm a pear, d'you want some?

Step 5: Strawberries

Allo! I'm juicy, I'm rich and I'm really really delicious.. I have loads of manganese, and iron- and also folic acid, which is great for the ladies who are pregnant. I also have a strange thing where eating me naturally whitens your teeth- but no scientist in the world knows why this happen- it just happen! I have my seeds on the outside which none of these other fruits do. I love tennis, and tennis loves me.

Step 6: Bananas

Hello? I am a banana I'm full of carbohydrates. I'm super super skinny, I've got curves that just go on and on, peel me off to reveal all the good bits. And when you take a bite honey I'm going to bite right back with some serotonin, which is what your brain needs to make you feel great. Gimme a call, and if you don't give me a call- bite me!

Step 7: Grape

As our elected representative I'd like to share with you a bit of information about what we do. Our skin contains reservatrol which is a powerful antioxidant and we are 82% water. We also contain flavanoids and phenols which can help prevent heart disease. Also our organisation does a lot of great work in hospitals.

Step 8: Tomato

Hey! you! I'm a tomato over here!, and I'm in crisis man because everybody thinks I'm a vegetable. But I don't play that way man, I'm a fruit. I'm rich in lycopene, which stops cancer over here, and one of me give you 40% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C. Why can't you guys just understand? I just want to be me, fruity fruity me.

Step 9: Pineapple

I'm a pineapple, people find me unapproachable, mostly because I'm spiny. But I've got a lot of good qualities, I'm full of manganese for instance. Umm I've got a lot of vitamin C, I'm Citrus. That means I can help with your immune system. People like me on pizza but that's mostly because I'm with ham. So call me, umm, I'm pineapple

Step 10: old fruit

When your fruit gets old and tired, and a bit wrinkly - don't throw us away like, that's not right. You can cut the bad bits off us and make the rest of us into a smoothie- or some jam, or even a nice pie. Fruit is too good to waste, so don't. thank you. Remember to eat five portions of