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Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga For Relaxation

Relaxation is much more than just vegging out in front of the television. In Yoga it's about finding a state of awareness and aliveness throughout your body. This film will lead you on the right path to achieving the perfect state of relaxation through yoga.

Step 1:

Lie down on your back, with your head on a blanket if you want a little extra comfort. You want to make sure that your body is relaxing well into the floor.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly and quietly for several moments. During each breath allow all your muscles to relax so that the body melts into the floor. The body should feel heavy yet light at the same time. Now, relax your finger tips on your abdomen and take a slow and quiet breath in.

During the inhalation, visualize the energy in the air passing through your nostrils and lungs and being drawn into your fingertips from the abdomen. Try and visualize this energy as a bright white light similar to that of sunlight.

Hold the air in your lungs, retaining the image of the white light without letting your mind wander and move your fingertips to rest lightly on your forehead.

Begin to breathe out slowly and quietly. During the exhalation direct the energy into your head. Gradually your entire head will be flooded with the white light.

When your lungs are once again empty, extend your arms along the floor a couple of inches away from your body, with your palms facing upwards. Without pausing, begin the next inhalation; retain the image of the white light being drawn in.

Keep picturing the white light as you exhale, slowly and quietly, letting the light pour into your head.

You should clear your mind of all thoughts during this exercise to concentrate fully on the white light. If your mind becomes distracted come back to your breath.

Allow your body to surrender completely and experience the deep relaxation that you will start to feel throughout your body.

To come out of the relaxation, inhale bringing your body and mind slowly back. Exhale, extend your arms over your head and take a deep slow morning stretch to wake the body up. Now bend your knees and hug them towards your chest. Roll gently to your right side and rest there for 30 seconds. Now come up to a cross-legged position.