Handmade Beaded Ring Tutorial

Here’s how to make a wedding-inspired beaded ring, a perfect gift for your bridesmaids on your special day.

You Will Need:
0.8mm Craft Wire
0.4mm Craft Wire
Pearlescent Beads
Jewellery Making Pliers
Jewellery Making Wire Cutters
Wooden Spoon
Masking Tape

Step 1: Make Your Base
Make a base to create your ring one by wrapping masking tape around the handle of a wooden spoon. Wrap it fit slightly larger than the size of ring you want to make.

Step 2: Make Your Wire Ring Base
Take a 20cm section of the 0.8mm craft wire. Wrap the wire around your wooden spoon base three times, ensuring that you have enough wire overhanging to twist together. Twist the two ends together to secure the shape of the ring and snip any remaining wire. Use the pliers to press down and blunt any sharp edges left.

Step 3: Add Beads
Take a 40cm section of the 0.4mm craft wire. The beads will cover the join in the ring so wrap the 0.4mm craft wire around the ring base 3-4 times a bit away from the join so that you can work towards it with the beading. Then press with the pliers to secure it.

Thread a smaller bead on to your thin craft wire and then wrap it around the ring base a couple of times to secure it in place. Continue like this and build up your design using different size beads. When you have completed your design, finish off by wrapping the remaining wire around 3-4 times. Trip off any excess and then press firmly with the pliers.