Handmade Paper Flower Hair Clip

Hannah Read-Baldrey shows you how to make a cute floral hair accessory. Made from paper, this is a great money saving DIY wedding project too.

You Will Need:
Coloured card
Bamboo skewer
All purpose glue
Plain Hair Grip
Glue Gun

Step 1: Draw Your Petal Shapes
For each flower, draw five heart shapes with the points cut off on the coloured card of your choice. Also draw a petal shape with the points cut off for each flower. Cut these shapes out from the card.

Step 2: Shape The Petals
Place a pen in the centre of your petal shapes and wrap the card around to shape it. Then repeat with a bamboo skewer.

Step 3: Make The Flowers
To make the flowers, apply some all purpose glue to the centre of one shaped heart shape and then attach one small curled petal shape inside. Fold down the edges of the petals to give that flowery appearance. Once the glue is set, keep building the flower by attaching more heart shapes to the outside. Then make more flowers from your different coloured cards – you could make some larger or smaller if you like.

Step 4: Make The Leaves
Using some green card, cut 4-5 leaf shapes about 3cm long. Again, shape them using the bamboo skewer.

Step 5: Create The Hairpiece
Trim the bottom of each flower to form a flat surface. Arrange and glue your flowers and leaves in a design on the hair grip using a glue gun.