Handmade Wedding Button Hole

If you’re looking for budget-friendly wedding ideas then you’ve come to the right place, because in this video tutorial we show you how to make your own button hole (or boutonnier if you’re French). Oh and don’t forget, the button hole is worn on the left of a man’s lapel!

You will need:

– Adhesive lilac ribbon
– 1 Rose
– 1 stem of small flowers
– 3 leaves
– Silver rose Wire
– 20 gauge stub wire
– All purpose glue
– Scissors


– Trim rose down to leave 2 inches of stem. Repeat with small flower stem and the three leaves.
– Pierce the rose with the silver rose wire about half way down the petals.
– Pierce the rose again from a right angle to the other wire.
– Bend wires down to the stem and tie together around the stem. Repeat this for the small flowers.
– Pierce either side of the stem in the leaves and loop the wire around to tie at the base of the stem.
– Arrange all flowers and leaves together.
– Tie bouquet together with 20 gauge stub wire.
– Cover the wire with adhesive florist ribbon.
– Pin the button hole to your groom!