Handmade Wedding Sash

Looking to give your wedding dress that personal touch? Then why not make a gorgeous ruffle waste sash; not only will it be kind to your wedding budget but it will make you stand out on your big day.

You will need:
– 1 metre of white satin fabric
– 1 metre of white tulle fabric
– 1 metre of plain fabric for backing
– Scissors
– Sewing Machine
– 2 metres of wide satin ribbon
– Small round bowl for template
– Fabric pencil
– Pins

– Iron fabric
– Cut fabric in half and then in half again and into a large square
– Layer fabric alternating the different fabrics
– Use your bowl as a template and your fabric pencil to create five circles in your fabric
– Pin the centre of the circles to hold the layers of fabric together
– Use your scissors to cut the circles out
– Use a straight stitch on your sewing machine to sow a line down the middle of each circle to secure the layers of fabric together
– Fold the circle in half and half again
– Stitch a line 1 centimetre from the bottom across the corner using your sewing machine
– Repeat this on all five of the circles
– Find the centre of your wide satin ribbon and mark it with a pin
– Attach your ruffle flowers one at a time using your sewing machine. Select a couple of layers of the fabric and sew it down on to the satin ribbon
– Sew down another couple of layers on the other side of the ruffle flower
– Attach another ruffle flower, placing it close to the other to avoid any gaps.
– Repeat until all five are attached
– Turn your waist band over and measure and cut the length of plain fabric you need to make the backing
– Pin the plain fabric over the back of the ribbon to secure it in place
– Using your sewing machine, sew along the backing as lose to the edge as possible.
– As a finishing touch trim the edge of the ribbon into a point shape