High-Tech Strollers For High-Tech People

Strollers are all the same, whether it’s Uppababy Vista or Maxi Cosi Laika but today, the people are heavily relying on modern technology for a lot of things which is not a bad thing. Nowadays you can communicate with anyone across the globe with the help of the internet.

Moreover, the internet can help you to access a ton of information at your fingertips. While that’s not the only thing that modern tech has given. It has almost hit every category, from the automobile industry to baby essentials. You will be delighted to hear that there are high tech baby strollers as well.

Here is the list of the most high-tech baby strollers that you buy today.


This smart self-propelled stroller runs on electricity which was created by Guillermo Morro and his team. This stroller comes equipped with sensors that can detect the proximity of the parent. So whether you are jogging or walking the stroller will follow you and will try to stay as close as it can.

Although it is not just high-tech, this stroller meets the US and European safety requirement and such guidelines. Moreover, the Smartbe comes equipped with a device to control it or you can download their app on your smartphone to operate it.

The list doesn’t end here, this stroller comes with air filters and climate control to keep your little ones stays comfy inside. There is anti-theft alarm as well that will notify you when someone tries to steal it.

Step-by-Step Stroller

Biggest hurdles that most parents face is the staircase. Pushing a stroller over it can be very difficult to take a baby stroller up and down the stairs. However, the problem was solved with the Step-By-Step stroller which can effortlessly climb up and down the stairs.

But wait, that is not enough! You can also change the configurations of the gear and can even adjust the seat. Furthermore, you can pick between a front facing or rear facing seat.

Bugaboo Donkey

Alike Uppababy, Bugaboo is a famous stroller brand and their Donkey series is a versatile stroller that can be used as a single or double stroller. You can also modify the seats so that they face backward or forward. If you have a growing family or planning a second child then this could be the best option that you can find on the market. Moreover, if you are looking for a stroller with minimal design and functions then you can opt for Uppababy Cruz that you can order it from Baby-direct.com.au.

Taga Bike

As the name suggests, it is a hybrid between a stroller and a bicycle. Taga Bike is a 3 wheeled transport solution that can be turned into a stroller or a bicycle. The stroller seat is resistant to impact and is durable as well. Moreover, it can sit kids from 6 months to 8 years old. The seat can be fully reclined and offers a soft cushion for your baby’s comfy ride.

Origami Power Stroller

This is the stroller from the future which was created by the company called 4moms. It comes equipped with some impressive features such as cellphone charger, daytime running LEDs, pathway lights, touch-of-a-button commands, four-wheel suspension, and an LCD dashboard that includes thermometer, speedometer, trip, and lifetime odometers, and child presence safety sensors.

Moreover, it is also the world’s first power-folding stroller that folds and unfolds with a touch of a button. The Origami power stroller has the capacity to hold weight up to 40 pounds!