How To Make Wedding Favour Bags

We show you how to make these cute, rustic-themed wedding favour bags. You can fill them with whatever you like – our favourite filling is sweets as that always puts a smile on guests faces.

You will need:

– Hessian
– Stapler and staples
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Ribbon
– Glue
– White lace trim


– Fold hessian over in half once so you can use the fold as the base of the bag.
– Measure and cut the hessian into strips of 7 inches wide.
– Staple along both sides of the hessian, about 1 inch in from the edge.
– Turn the bag inside out and push out the corners well.
– Cut off the excess hessian at the top of the bag so the bag is approximately 8 inches tall.
– Cut a 10 inch strip of lace trim and glue in to the bottom of the bag using all purpose glue.
– Fill your bags with favours for your guests such as sweets or chocolates.
– Tie the bag closed with ribbon.
– Place on your tables at your venue.