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What's the key to a successful first date?

Advice For Men On Preparing For A First Date

Archie Gips (Dating Coach) gives expert video advice on: What's the key to a successful first date?; Where is the best place to take a first date?; How should I dress on a first date? and more...

What's the key to a successful first date?

The key to a successful first date is to be yourself and have fun. Anything more than that is really gravy. I can't tell you how many times I've had friends who've gone out on first dates and they've had fun, and they've ended up being friends with the person, but not even going out with them. So don't put so much pressure on the first date, thinking this is someone I have to be in a relationship with. Just have the intent of going out there - you're meeting a new person, and you're going to enjoy yourself that evening.

Where is the best place to take a first date?

If you ask 5 leading experts they'll give you 5 different answers. Where is the best place to bring a woman on a first date? For me personally, I would say take her to a bar, or a coffee shop. It will take you about an hour or an hour and a half to be playful and fun on your first date. If you're having a fantastic time, then you can go out to dinner later. For the most part go to a bar, go to a coffee shop, and enjoy yourselves on your first date.

Are there any bad places to take a first date?

There definitely are certain places that I would not recommend to take a woman on a first date. A play or a movie is a really bad idea because you're not able to talk. There's no dialogue going on so you're just both sitting there very passively on your first date. Another thing which I sort of differ from other dating experts is that I don't believe that you should take a woman out to a really fancy restaurant on a first date. I think that's something that you want to save for the second or third date and make it a special thing. If you go out on a first date with all guns blazing, you've really got nowhere to go from there, so save it for a couple of dates.

Should I pick a woman up on a first date or should I have her meet me?

There's always the question of whether you should pick a girl up on a first date, or if you guys should drive separately. It really depends on how you met. If it's an internet date or a blind date, a lot of times you'll both meet at the location of the first date, because the woman won't feel comfortable getting in the same car with you. If you hit it off at the bar, or wherever you met her the first time, and you've had a phone conversation and she feels comfortable, I would definitely recommend that you'd pick her up. It's definitely the chivalrous thing to do, and it'll give you more time to spend with her, to chat with her on the first date. So if you have your druthers, definitely pick her up. And if you don't know what druthers means, its time to buy a dictionary.

If a woman wants to reschedule our date, does it mean she's not interested?

If a woman wants to reschedule a first date, it could come across a couple of ways. For the most part, I always give the woman the benefit of the doubt because people are really busy and things come up. So definitely allow her to reschedule the first date. If it becomes a recurring thing where she like flakes on you three or four times, then you should pretty much get the hint that she doesn't want to go out on a first date with you.

Should I bring a woman flowers or candy on a first date?

One of the things I really saw working as a producer on Blind Date is that flowers and candy really don't work that well as a gift to a girl on a first date. For the most part, if you're going to give a gift of any sort it should be something that's a little tiny, something that maybe is goofy or quirky, or if you know that she's a fan of something, you could give her a little gift. But make it a very small gift. Anything that is extravagant is going to come off being a little bit too insecure on your first date, a little bit too desperate. So stick with something just simple.

Should I try to learn about a woman I'm going to date from other sources?

If you're able to find out more information about the girl before you go on your first date, definitely go for it. If you have friends that are in common ask them a couple of little questions so you can learn more about her, and maybe you can bring her a little gift or something beforehand on the first date. I know some people that might just throw a Google search on a girl just to get a little more information so they can be more prepared for the first date. Knowledge really is power, so the more you know, the better it is. And remember, Google with care, stalker boy, Google with care.

Should I bring condoms on a first date?

There's always the question of whether a guy should bring a condom on a first date. Now, I think when you go on a first date, it should be all about meeting a new friend, taking the pressure off. But if you meet the girl and the sexual tension is climbing up and there's a real attraction on the first date, you might go there and you might end up having sex. So yes, of course, you should be prepared. So yes, bring a condom on the first date.