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How do I prepare for a first date?

Advice For Women: Preparing For A First Date

Michele Hubatsek (Dating Coach) gives expert video advice on: Are there any bad places to go on a first date?; How should I dress on a first date?; Should I try to learn about a man I'm going to date from other sources? and more...

Should I tell anyone where I am going on a first date?

Perhaps the most important thing in preparing for a first date is your safety. Make sure somebody knows where you're going and who you're going with on this date. Leave it with at least one person so that, if something should happen, they know where to find you.

Are there any bad places to go on a first date?

There are definitely places that are not good for a first date. For example: loud bars, clubs, bowling alleys, or anywhere where there is a lot of noise and you can't hear each other. That's a big no-no.

Should I let a man pick me up on a first date, or should I arrange to meet him?

It's best on a first date to meet your date somewhere. Unless he's somebody you know through a close personal friend and you really feel comfortable, I think it's best to meet him somewhere and then get out if he's scary.

If a man wants to reschedule our date, does it mean he's not interested?

If a man wants to reschedule a date, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's not that into you. In our crazy lives, anything could have happened, and what could have changed between asking you out and when he's re-scheduling? Don't over-think things.

Should I try to learn about a man I'm going to date from other sources?

If you're going out on a first date with a man and you want to know a little bit about him, should you snoop around and try to find out or not? It depends. If you are being introduced through a matchmaker like myself, then trust the matchmaker. Don't Google. There might be something else. I had a client who looked someone else up and got the wrong name and called me and was so angry that this man was engaged to be married. She had the wrong person and then refused to go out on the date. If you're with a matchmaker, trust that person. Just go on what you already know; go out on the date and have some fun. If it's someone you've met online, it might be a good idea to look around. Take everything with a grain of salt though. You never know what's happened in people's lives. But it's alright to check them out before the date.

Should I bring condoms on a first date?

Take a lesson from the boy scouts: Be prepared. That's it. If there's any chance that you're going to be having sex on a first date, protect yourself. Make sure you have a condom. Most women, we have a purse with us. It's not that hard to have something discreet hidden in the bottom of your purse. Be careful, take care of yourself and be prepared.