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Why doesn't he call when he says he will?

After A Date With A Guy

David Wygant (Dating Coach) gives expert video advice on: Why doesn't he call when he says he will?; If I don't hear from a guy the day after a date, is he still interested?; How long should I wait for the guy to call me after a date? and more...

Why doesn't he call when he says he will?

People go out on a date. They get all elated. They have a great time. They have this like date drug. "Wow this was so much fun I loved it! It was so great!" And they said "I'll call you tomorrow!" And then they don't call. Because they got to do a date review. I want you to think about this situation for one second. How many times have you gone out on a date. You thought you liked the guy. You thought you wanted to speak to him the next morning, right? You were so excited. You woke up the next morning, you totally forgot about the date. And all of a sudden you realized you didn't really like the guy. And then you didn't call him. Stuff happens all the time like this.

If I don't hear from a guy the day after a date, is he still interested?

Here is the thing -- some guys play games, some guys don't. It all depends on what game you played in the beginning. If the guy waited three days to call you, then you went on a date with him, the chances are he is going to wait three days after the date also. He's a game player. He thinks, he thinks he is playing it cool, I know what you want, you want the follow-up immediately. You would rather have the text an hour after the date to put your mind at ease so you don't drive your friends crazy the next day doing the date review.

How long should I wait for the guy to call me after a date?

If the guy does not call, give him three days. If he does not call after three days, forget about him. Don't talk to your friends; don't drive them crazy. It wasn't meant to be. It means that the chemistry that you thought you had with the guy wasn't really there in the first place.

What if the guy doesn't call me at all after a date?

If a guy doesn't call, he's probably not interested, so get over it. It doesn't mean that you're not great. It doesn't mean that you're not attractive. It just means you did not connect with him in a level that you thought you did. So if he doesn't call, he's not into you. Run away, ignore it, and move forward. Don't sit there and drive your friends bananas and ask them, "Why didn't he call? What did I say wrong?" You didn't do anything wrong. It doesn't mean you're not a great person. It means you're not a fit for him. Walk away, because there's other guys. Every day you spend complaining or thinking about a guy that didn't call is another day you missed an opportunity to meet somebody who will call.

Should a girl ever have to call a guy when they first start dating?

If a girl doesn't call a guy when they first start dating, a guy is not encouraged. It's called the "Scooby Dooism" of men. And the fact is okay, we will continue to keep calling you as long as you reciprocate the calls. If we call you Monday, and you call us back on Wednesday; we don't really like calling you anymore. We call you Monday and you call us back on Monday, and we have a short little fun conversation, it's a great time. If you call us on Wednesday, just to check in and say "Hey, how are you doing?", short and simple and sweet; we like that. We don't look at you as being needy or anything. We look at you as just keeping the momentum flowing. So if the guy is calling you regularly, you can start calling him regularly. It's nice to say "Hi!", or you can text him, and just go, "The funniest thing happened", and bring him back to some moment on the date. "The funniest thing happened! Oh my god, I went by and saw this ugly pug who was drooling on someone elses shoes! Do your shoes still have the drool mark? Mary". You know something that's fun that brings them back.