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How long should I wait to call a woman after I score her digits?

Asking A Woman Out By Phone

Archie Gips (Dating Coach) gives expert video advice on: How do I psych myself up to call a woman?; How do I make it clear I'm asking a woman out a date?; How do I cope with nervousness during an phone call with a woman? and more...

How long should I wait to call a woman after I score her digits?

There's the age old debate of how long do you wait before you call a woman after you get her number. We've all seen Swingers, so is it two days, or three days? The bottom line is, it really depends on the girl. If you meet her and you get the sense that she's a total love, call her the next day to ask her out on the phone. She's going to be excited to hear from you. If you get the notion that the girl has got a little bit of edge, or an attitude, or she's playing harder to get, then use the principle of least interest and wait two or three days before you call her to ask her out on the phone. It's really that easy.

How important is a man's sense of humor to a woman?

Remember when you're talking with a woman on the phone it's important to use your sense of humour. If you don't have one, find one on the Internet. Get some jokes, even if it's self-deprecating humour. As long as you make a woman laugh, you're half-way there to getting a date. A sense of humour is more important to a woman than looks, it's a proven fact.

Should I leave a message if a woman doesn't answer the phone?

When you're getting ready to call a woman to ask her out on the phone, make sure beforehand that you block your number. Because what you're going to do is when you call her up, and if her answering machine picks up, or her voicemail, you'll have the option of hanging up and not leaving a message, and by all means hang up and do not leave a message. You want to actually talk to her on the phone. It's not a good idea to leave a message. You should probably call up two or three times, and if the machine's still picking up, then you can eventually leave a message. But give it two or three times before you actually leave a message. Remember though, you have to block your phone. If she sees that you are leaving no messages and she sees your number, you're done for because she's going to think you're stalking her and that's not what you're looking for. The reason you're not leaving a message is because you want to get on the phone and talk to her live to ask her out on a date, and you don't want to stumble over your words or leave a message. Always talk to the live person if you can.

How many messages should I leave for a woman before I give up?

If you call a woman to ask her out on the phone, and you leave a message and she doesn't get back to you, a lot of people wonder how long should they wait to call again, and should they call back at all? How many times should they try back? A general rule of thumb is if you really like her, call her back and say "Hey, I don't know if you got my last message. My cell phone hasn't been working really that well." But generally if she doesn't get back to you, she's not into you, so just get over it and move onto the next one.

How soon should I call a woman back if she leaves me a message?

There is a simple formula to determine when you should call a woman back when she calls you up and leaves a message. If she waits two days to call you, you give it one day. If she waits three days to call you, you give it two days. Hence, it's one day less than the amount of time she waited. Yes, it's not simple at all but it is a formula. Now keep this in mind, so if she calls you back the next day or even later that night, by all means call her back within the hour. Because she's going out on a limb to show her interest, and you should go for it! She's calling you back so call her back on the phone!

How should I introduce myself when I call a woman for the first time?

When you call a woman up after you get her phone number and she answers the phone, it's probably a good idea to reintroduce yourself to her for a lot of reasons. First of all, she might have been really drunk that night and not remember who you are, or she met eight guys that night. Who knows? So give a little hint of who you are when you ask her out by phone, by reminding her of something you spoke about that night. If you talked about horses say, "Hey, I'm the guy who loves horses. I'm going to be the man of you're dreams!" Or something funny along with something you talked about is always a nice way into the phone conversation.

Should I ask a woman where she wants go on our first date?

When you're asking a woman out on a date, its generally a good idea to have in mind where you'd like to take her. Women really like it when a guy takes charge, and he has something planned. Of course, its common courtesy to say, "Hey, I'm going to do this. Is there something that you'd like to do?" But for the most part, you should have a date in mind when you call her up.

Should I give up if a woman says she has to call me back--and doesn't?

If you're talking to a woman and she has to call you back, she says she's busy and she has to call you back, and she doesn't call you back, its a pretty clear sign that she gave you her number the first time, and now has changed her mind. So I really wouldn't try pursuing that too much. There are times when a woman gets very busy and she doesn't call you back, but for the most part, if she remembers you and she likes you, she will call you back.

How much advance notice should I give a woman I'm asking out?

If you're on the phone with a woman and you want to ask her out on a date, something to keep in mind is a two day window. So, if you're calling her up on a Tuesday, you definitely should not ask her out before Thursday. Something else to keep in mind is if you call a woman after Wednesday there's no way in the world that she's going to go out with you on the weekend. She's probably going to want to go out the next week, so don't even bother asking her out for the weekend. Call her on a Wednesday, make plans for the next Monday or Tuesday. But, make sure you make the plans, because the longer you wait on that, the less likely shell go out with you.