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Attracting Younger Men

Attracting Younger Men

Lucia . (Author, "Lucia's Lessons of Love") gives expert video advice on: What qualities must a woman have in order to attract younger men?; How should a woman dress when trying to attract younger men?; Should I act younger to attract younger men? and more...

How should a woman dress when trying to attract younger men?

When trying to attract a younger man don't make the mistake and dress like you're twenty one because they're attracted to you because of your age in spite of it. So you need to dress appropriately really classy and sexy.

Should I act younger to attract younger men?

Acting younger to attract younger men would just be a turn-off because he's attracted to you because of your age. He expects you to be more mature and calm and sophisticated, not all girly like. If he wanted someone girly like he's just date a younger woman.

What are some cougar don'ts?

Here is a list of don'ts: Do not underestimate him just because of his age. Just because he's 20 or 21 don't think he doesn't know what time it is. Don't compete with younger women. Again, he's with you because he wants to be with an older woman. If he wanted to be with someone younger he would be. Don't start trying to buy him, buying gifts to soon because you'll turn him into someone that's just using you as opposed to someone that admires and appreciates you. Don't make the finances your sole responsibility. I know it's easy to think, "Well I have more money, so I'll just pay every time." Again, you're setting yourself up to be used and he won't see you as a lover. Don't show the young man off as a prize to your family and friends. He's not a show dog. Don't have a know-it-all attitude. It's true you may have a lot more knowledge in some aspects but he'll also know about things that you don't know about. So don't think that you know everything and he knows nothing. And finally, don't turn him into what I call slave boy. Just because he's handy and he's around don't think you have to have him fix everything in your house.

What are some cougar do's?

Some do's are: do be yourself, do be independent, do smell good, do be sexually savy.

What should I never say to a younger man?

Something never to say to a younger man is "when I was younger," "when I was your age," "when will I see you again," "why don't you call me," "do you want commitment?" You should never say to younger man "you will don't know as much I as do" or having that kind of attitude where your putting him down because of age he knows. He knows there's an age difference but there's no need to keep bringing it up, he's with you because he wants someone older.

Should I consider cosmetic surgery in order to keep looking young for a younger man?

Well as with all cosmetic surgery you should first and foremost do it for yourself. If you think you'll feel better and look better by doing it then go ahead. And also remember again he's with you again because you're older and he doesn't mind that you look older. He expects you to look older. It would look weird if you were 45 but looked 25.