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What can go wrong at a bachelor party?

Bachelor Party Essentials

Pamela Yager (Founder, President, and CEO of Bride's Night Out, Inc.) gives expert video advice on: What can go wrong at a bachelor party?; How far can I go at my bachelor party?; Do guys bring gifts to a bachelor party? and more...

What can go wrong at a bachelor party?

There are several things that can happen at a bachelor party, such as a mix-up in the planning, a limousine doesn't show up, or a flat tire, somebody gets stuck somewhere, you're at a location and everyone doesn't show up at the same time, somebody gets injured. The thing to be concerned about is, make sure no one is out of control at the bachelor party. As soon as somebody gets out of control, do the buddy system, bring him home, put him in a cab, send him back to his hotel. Make sure everyone is safe, and everyone will have a good time.

How far can I go at my bachelor party?

Well, you don't want to get anyone hurt. You don't want to perhaps get anything on tape. And it's really up to you and what your conscience dictates.And also make sure your friends know this is where I draw the line and please respect my wishes. And let them guide you especially if you've had a couple cocktails as to what you should do and shouldn't do.And don't get arrested.

Do guys bring gifts to a bachelor party?

Guys do bring gifts to Bachelor Parties. It's not necessary, but if you're looking for good ideas, those types of gifts would be personal items for the groom. Shaving kits, doc kits, maybe some passes to a sporting event. Something that he will enjoy. Give him a little gift like that.

Destination events, revolving around the hobby of the groom. Sometimes they're cultural in nature, celebrating the groom's culture. There are destination types of events -- you're going to a destination that's personal to the groom. Maybe you're going to his home town, and visiting some of his old locations and hangouts. So those are the types of themes that work best for the groom's party.

Should I have favors at a bachelor party?

It's not necessary to have a favor at any party but it's always a nice gesture. And the guys love to walk away with a little something that reminds them of the great time they had. Maybe you want matching tee shirts or baseball caps or coasters or maybe cigar clips. It's nice to have something personalized that came from the event.

What sort of decorations are appropriate for bachelor parties?

You can do decorations at bachelor parties. If you're doing a dinner then you want to do you know some flowers or some sort of table arrangement. You know it can be some more, more masculine like succulents or, depending on what kind of style you're doing. I mean any type of party you should have some type of decorations, just depends on what type of party you're having. You can make it, you know, theme oriented. If you're having a bunch of guys coming over and it's, it's more of a casual event, make a sculpture out of beer cans. You know, have some fun with it.

Are bachelor parties always 'adults only'?

Bachelor parties are not always adult in nature. Guys are doing different things now. They are going out and playing golf. They are going to sporting events. It really depends on the groom. Sometimes grooms are like, I want to get together with the guys. I want to relax but I don't want that dirty kind of party with the naked stripper people and whatever else. So then they have a nice get together, even go to spas together. So guys are really changing their minds and it really depends on who the person is and how they want to celebrate. But you should have one. Get together with your friends.

What is a 'PG Rated' bachelor party?

A PG rated bachelor party is generally one that doesn't have an exotic dancer, or doesn't have any sort of naughty theme. It's something that even the groom's dad could come to. So they're evening events or daytime events, dinner parties. It's something that doesn't involve the sex element.