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Basketball Positions

Basketball Positions

Tracy Murray (12-Year NBA Veteran) gives expert video advice on: What is a 'point guard' in basketball?; What is a 'shooting guard' in basketball?; What is a 'small forward' in basketball? and more...

What is a 'point guard' in basketball?

A point guard is generally your field general, your leader on the court, your coach on the court, usually the smallest and quickest guy, the best ball handler, has a decent jump shot, and their job is to get people in play, get them organized, run the play, direct your team. That's what a point guard does.

What is a 'shooting guard' in basketball?

A shooting guard is normally your shooters. You best athletes or your best shooters. And most of the time they're your creators. It's like a Michael Jordan. People that can create shots for somebody else or create a shot for themselves.

What is a 'small forward' in basketball?

A small forward is opposite of a two-guard or a shooting-guard. They do the same thing but it's usually a taller person that can do the same thing.

What is a 'power forward' in basketball?

A power forward is usually your bruiser guy like a Charles Oakley or a Dennis Rodman. Those who set picks, rebound the ball, really take up a lot space in the middle. A power forward helps the center which is coming up take up space in the middle.

What is a 'center' in basketball?

A center is usually your tallest guy, clogs up the middle. You can get inside baskets with him. He's usually one of your strongest players on the team, definitely an intimidator. There are some that are quicker than others, and then there are some that just stay inside and beat you up. And they're definitely a guy that you need as a must-have on your team.