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How often should I service my bicycle?

Bicycle Maintenance

Ericson Monsalud (Owner, Bike Attack) gives expert video advice on: What part of my bicycle can I adjust myself?; How do I keep my bike from getting stolen? and more...

How often should I service my bicycle?

It's based on the individual, how many times to service a bicycle, and depends on the use. I'll give you an example: messengers! They service their bike every day. It's like a taxi. It's based on the individual. For a standard weekend warrior, you should check the bicycle once a week. Always check it after a ride and before a ride. Just make sure everything's tight, the gears are working, the brakes are working, the handlebars are tight - all those safety issues. Make sure everything's tight and in working order with your bicycle.

What part of my bicycle can I adjust myself?

If you've never fixed a bicycle, try to take a class from a good bike store, like Bike Attack. There you can learn how to fix your bike from an experienced mechanic. Other than that, you've got to be doing this for a long time. Technology changes. There are different bicycles and different components - they change, just like computers. Bicycle components are changing every year.

Where is the best place to store my bicycle?

The best place for you to store your bicycle is a safe storage area where no-one is going to harm it, or any other obstacles are going to hit it, like an extra room closet or garage. If you lack enough space, store a bicycle on top of the ceiling; make sure you have a boom - you can buy those hooks from the hardware store or Bikeattack.

How much should I expect to spend on a good bike lock?

Spend between $35 to $100 on a very good lock for your bicycle.