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Do I need to moisturise my body?

Body Skincare

Josephine Wackett (Skincare specialist - Principal, Steiner Beauty Training) gives expert video advice on: Do I need to moisturise my body?; Do I need to exfoliate my body?; How should I care for my bust? and more...

Do I need to moisturise my body?

The skin of the body is very different from the skin of the face, but it still has an overall skin type to it. If your face is very dry, then you are not going to be the type that has got blackheads between your shoulder blades. The arms and legs are dryer. There are more sebaceous glands in the center of the body than the extremities. If someone is suffering from pimples, blemishes and blackheads on the body, it will be on the chest area or between the shoulder blades and the upper back. It will not be on the backs of the arms or the forearms. Therefore we can see that the dryer areas do need more protection and more moisture added. So moisturizing the arms and legs is very important. The trunk of the body, the chest, the back, the tummy. Not so much. Important, but very nice to use.

Do I need to exfoliate my body?

The skin of the body does build up a certain amount of dead cell tissue. This is best removed with an exfoliator, particularly on areas where the circulation is slower and weaker. For instance, on the backs of the upper arms, and the thighs from the hip joint down to the knee, where the circulation is slower. There is more of a build-up of dead cells to a certain extent on the lower leg and certainly on the feet. Exfoliating the limbs in that way is a very good idea. Also, the upper back area benefits from exfoliation, and the chest to a certain extent. You might exfoliate the upper arms twice a week, but you might only exfoliate the chest once a week. Exfoliation does help skin feel smoother and softer and the body lotion, the moisturizer, will be better absorbed after exfoliation.

What is a body wrap?

A body wrap is a product which is used with either bandage type fabric or cellophane polyfabric to help the penetration of a product, to help with slimming and firming and toning and improve the skin condition. It usually feels a bit cold when it's put on, but not always. It varies enormously according to the type, the brand, and the manufacturer, but it's worth having. If someone wants to get into a dress that's a little bit on the tight side, having a body wrap can help in that way. If someone has got very dry skin, a body wrap with a rich emollient product would also help.

How often should I have a body wrap?

Body wraps can be a weekly treatment. It depends on the product and the brand and the manufacturer's recommendation. Certainly if they're spaced out more than a couple of weeks, the effect is going to be so dissipated, it won't make any difference. It might as well be a fortnight or a month, but if they're reasonably close together, then you will get common term effect. This means the treatment will be more beneficial. So, it's more worthwhile. The short answer is maybe weekly or twice a week.

What is a facial?

A facial is a skin care treatment. It is a professional treatment. It would be carried out in a professional salon by someone who is qualified and by someone who has an insurance, a license to work, because that is a requirement now in the U.K. It should start with a cleanse, usually exfoliation, maybe an electrical treatment depending on any skin condition which needs helping or improving or treating, and then may be followed by a face massage, application of a face mask, and then tone and moisturize. There are various machines, there are various treatments, there are many various effects, but that's a general plan of a facial.

How often should I have a facial?

A facial, ideally should be at least once a fortnight. Most clients will have a facial once a month, some will have one a week. If you have the time and the money, one a week is a great luxury. The skin takes about 10 days to renew itself. Therefore, if you have a facial the benefits will last about 10 days, unless you do something crazy like going and cooking in the sun. But a weekly facial, that's luxury. A fortnightly facial is really nice. A month is realistic and a big help.

How often should I have a massage?

A body massage can be entirely according to how much time and money you have. You can have a body massage every other day if you want to, but that's unrealistic for a time and may be a bit unnecessary. Not a sensible suggestion, but it wouldn't do any harm. But the toning, relaxing, rejuvenating effect of a body massage, once a week is ideal, once a fortnight or once a month is a great relaxant also.