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Why should women consider taking up boxing?

Breaking Into Female Boxing

Mia St. John (IFBA Lightweight Boxing World Champion) gives expert video advice on: Why should women consider taking up boxing?; How can boxing benefit women physically?; How can boxing benefit women mentally? and more...

Why should women consider taking up boxing?

I don't recommend women boxing professionally, unless it's their dream and it's something that they've loved their entire lives, but I do recommend as a form of exercise, it's a great form of exercise. As long as you're not sparring, which that is a great form of exercise but too many injuries. But yeah, as a form of exercise it's great. I have a work-out DVD called Million Dollar Workout that's in stores now and it's all boxing. Boxing and kicking and cardio so it's probably the best form of losing weight, I think.

How can boxing benefit women physically?

Well, the great thing is, it's not just cardio, which we know if you are just on a treadmill and just running, you are not toning, or building muscle, obviously. You could still be skinny and fat, or skinny and flabby, but if you are strength training, you are hardening your body, so you're looking toned and your body looks good and to me that is what boxing does. It does both. Its cardio and toning, and I think that's what women really want. We don't want to be skinny and cellulite. We want to be, like, firm. You know, tight. We want to wear a thong on the beach.

How can boxing benefit women mentally?

I think that boxing; for me, when I spar, I get a lot of my aggressions out. But then also, there's a lot of injuries involved. So I would recommend that women hit the bag. Or hit the pads with someone. Not necessarily hitting someone else. But if you have too, and you have a partner who's willing to do that with you, okay.

What is the ideal age for a woman to start boxing?

I think girls can start boxing as early as they want, as early as six years old if they want to start doing it for fun, for discipline, for exercise, but again I wouldn't recommend that anyone do any sparring at that age.

What makes a good coach for a female boxer?

I think for me a coach its like, that gives as much attention to the female as with the male and doesn't discriminate because she's a woman, she's not going to work as hard, she's not going to go as far. I think someone that really put her time into, and takes care of you and protect you. Give you their all because we actually work harder than a man. I work harder than any male fighter I know.