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When did Louis Armstrong die?

Celebrities Who Died Around Their Birthday

Michael Largo (Author) gives expert video advice on: When did Louis Armstrong die?; When did Telly Savalas die?; When did Ingrid Bergman die? and more...

When did Louis Armstrong die?

A lot of celebrities seem to have not only been performing their whole life, but even when it comes to their death this whole idea of them being onstage even outweighs what doctors of medicine says that they should have died. Louis Armstrong was one of them. He already had suffered a number of heart attacks and people thought that he was about to pass away. He had a long life of, he was known for a long life of always smoking some dope and he continued to do so even after he had a heart attack. But in his last years he stayed and rallied in order to get to the Newport Jazz Festival to celebrate his seventieth birthday. And shortly after making that and giving a performance he passed away, almost as soon as he returned home.

When did Telly Savalas die?

Telly Savalas was known as the hard-knock detective Kojak, in the series, and he also had a number one hit, believe it or not, called "If", on the billboard charts. He died waiting for his 60th birthday party. He knew he had prostate cancer, but in 1975, two days after he had showed up for his 60th birthday party, that's when he passed away.

When did Ingrid Bergman die?

Ingrid Bergman was known for always being polite, and an ambassador of being the perfect woman who would always be showing her side of herself that was Total Class. Even when it came to her death, she knew she was throwing a party for 67th birthday and all the doctors believed that she would never make it, but she was able to keep her image of being the ambassador of life and didn't want to offend those who were throwing the party, and lived until this was over and died the next day.

When did Ernie Kovacs die?

Ernie Kovacs was a popular comedian, and he was actually considered a revolutionary, where they believe he was the one who broke the fourth wall on television, that you now see on David Letterman and all these other shows where they take the camera off the stage. He was the first comedian to do that. But also off the stage he also had a disliking for paying taxes, and he refused to pay them. He was also known as a wild party animal. On the way back from his 43rd birthday party he was celebrating to the max, and he was driving his Corveyor, which was later deemed as the unsafest car in America, and he stopped to light a cigar, that he was noted for smoking all the time. But he didn't pull over when he did so, and kept driving, and his car smashed into a pole on his 43rd birthday, killing him instantly.

When did Shakespeare die?

Shakespeare is probably the most famous writer of all time and probably one of the better ones. But when he died, the actual church that kept records from around where he lived, say he died on his birthday at the age of 52, in 1616, from drinking too much. They reported that he had drank too much and died thereof. Actually, he probably was celebrating on his party, but it seems to be more likely that he had caught Typhus, which an epidemic was raging through London at the time. But nevertheless, he died on his birthday.

When did Marvin Gaye die?

Marvin Gaye died right before his 45th birthday. He was shot by his father supposedly over an argument over what happened to various documents. The father was later deemed to have emotional problems and wasn't put into prison. Marvin Gaye had also given a premonition that he was going to die that year, and he made it come true right before his birthday.