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What was Irene 'Granny' Ryan doing at the time of her death?

Celebrities Who Died Performing

Michael Largo (Author) gives expert video advice on: What was Irene 'Granny' Ryan doing at the time of her death?; What happened when Dick Shawn died on stage?; Why did people think Redd Fox was acting when he died? and more...

What was Irene 'Granny' Ryan doing at the time of her death?

Irene Ryan made her fame on the TV sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies in the late fifties. Everyone remembers her as the cantankerous old granny, and she was really a dedicated thespian who never stopped performing even after that. She was known for donating a lot of money to young actors, and even when she was seventy-two years old she was in a production of Pippin on Broadway. Knowing that she had a brain tumor, she still went out and performed and died on stage.

What happened when Dick Shawn died on stage?

Dick Shawn was known as this zany character doing a stream of conscious comedy. He would do crazy stunts on stage, he was known for it's a "Mad, Mad, Mad World". When he died, he was performing at a San Diego College performance. When he died, he fell down on stage clutching his chest and people thought it was so good, that it was part of the act, that they clapped for five minutes before they realized that he really was dead.

Why did people think Redd Fox was acting when he died?

Redd Fox was another guy who people believed he was always on stage, even when the cameras were off. He was known for his last sitcom, "The Royal Family," that he was on set. He clutched his chest, fell down, and the people on the set thought it was a big joke and no one attended to him until it was too late.

Where was Tiny Tim when he died?

Tiny Tim was the falsetto voiced ukulele player with long hair that made a name for himself in the 1970's. But he never stop performing even after his short amount of fame was over. He was out there strumming the ukulele at the fun raiser. And during his famous song, tip toed through the tulips. He had a heart attack and dropped the ukulele once and for all.

Why was Frank Hayes' death so memorable?

Frank Hayes is a celebrity that is only in the record books of horse racing. He holds the distinction as being the only jockey in the history of horse racing to actually win a horse race dead. He was a thirty-five-year-old stable guy who begged the owner of this horse, Sweet Kiss, who was a loser, if he could finally put on the riding silks and race it. Sure enough, he was so excited that the horse was winning, that ten yards before the finish line, Frank Hayes gets a heart attack and dies, but manages to stay on the horse, and the horse wins. After that, no one wanted to ride this horse, Sweet Kiss, even though he was a winner. That's where the term "Sweet Kiss of Death" entered our lexicon of dying.