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Can you run for a charity in every marathon?

Charity Marathons

Pat Connelly (Running Coach for LA Roadrunners and Valencia High School) gives expert video advice on: Can you run for a charity in every marathon?; How do I select the charity I want to represent in a marathon?; When running a marathon for charity, when should I start raising money? and more...

Can you run for a charity in every marathon?

Most marathons have charities that compete in the marathon, and every major marathon has a charity. I myself was involved in coaching one in the Arthritis Foundation. So you can find AIDS, Arthritis Foundation, Leukaemia, there are many, many different charities that you could develop donations for to assist that charity as you run your 26 miles.

When running a marathon for charity, when should I start raising money?

When to raise money for your charity usually depends upon the charity. They all have what they call goal days, so they want you to start training four months prior, and then start soliciting your donors. They would usually like to have you raise a certain amount to go to that charity. Let's say it's three thousand dollars. They would like to have five hundred dollars the first month, five hundred dollars the third month, and so on, until you reach that goal prior to race day.

What is the best way to raise funds when running a marathon for charity?

The best way to raise money is start out is to use your holiday card list. Send them a letter, what you're doing and what you like, what you are preparing to do to raise money for a charity, and ask if they will donate any moneys towards that, and usually it's a pledge 'x' amount of money per a mile.

How much do I need to raise when running a marathon for charity?

How much you need to raise for a charity marathon is usually what that charity dictates. They are all different. A charity might have a foreign country to go to. Let's say you are going to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation Joints and Motion and they are going to Dublin. You need to raise the money to pay for the trip and your meals and stay and flight. They would like to set amount and make about $5,000 above that. That is usually how the charities set their amount.

What are the ways people can pledge money toward charity marathons?

Well, the way to collect money for your donation is usually requesting, you send a letter identifying what you plan to do and you're asking the funds for and obviously you are going to include self-addressed stamped envelope and ask for there return. And that's going to come to you and you are going to see all that cash for your trip. Now, it's an avenue for collecting money and requesting money. It's really very popular is going to the website. All charities have and a donation process that you can use. You know your credit card. You can donate money with your credit card on the website. No money changes hands.