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What's a great, cheap outdoor date?

Cheap Outdoor Dates

Evan Wecksell (Man on a budget) gives expert video advice on: What's a great, cheap outdoor date?; What's a cheap date for the explorer?; What's a cheap date for the football fan? and more...

What's a great, cheap outdoor date?

Great, cheap outdoor dates usually involve flying a kite. And what I like to do, and usually she'll go along with this with me, is I have one of my ex-girlfriend's panties around, and instead of buying a kite, I just kind of like to fly her panties in the air, as a way just to say to the world, "No more fat chicks!" as she's flying. But really, it's a nice, romantic way to spend time with her and enjoy your relationship.

What's a cheap date for the explorer?

A cheap date for the explorer is either giving her a map to go find and maybe dig for something that you got her, as well as just doing a scavenger hunt and just stalling while you actually purchase something at a store while she is looking around for this imaginary gift all of a sudden. Very creative.

What's a cheap date for the football fan?

Cheap date for the football fan is going out to the local stadium on a Sunday and unlike people that have money to actually pay to go see the games, we just really go to the games and hang out with the tail-gaters. Lots of polish sausages, and meatballs and heroes being barbecued and everything in the grill, so you get a good meal there. And also you can play Football a little and not just with adults because they tend to be skilled. What you really want to do is just play football with some kids cause they do not really throw that well, so that way you can really show off your adult athletic ability while they throw like girls.

Where can I take someone for an outdoor date that's cheap?

What you can usually do is you just go outside, whether it's on the sidewalk or whether you want to go hiking, or whether you want to go to a park or, you know, a picnic somewhere. There is really no wrong, as long as you just get out of the house because that's usually what she wants me to do.