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How can I make bath time safe for my children?

Childproofing The Kitchen And Bathroom

Kimberlee Mitchell (National Child Safety Expert ) gives expert video advice on: How should I babyproof my bathroom cabinets?; How can I keep medicines and other dangerous products from my baby?; How are doorknob covers used in childproofing? and more...

Do I need to babyproof my toilet?

Childproofing the toilet may be an issue, as some babies have been known to go into the bathroom and reach into the toilet, fall in, and not be able to simply stand up and get out, and have drowned, unfortunately. So, toilet locks are extremely important childproofing devices, because toilets are inviting to babies. So, I've found a toilet lock that I really like that is nonadhesive. It clips to the side of the toilet, and all you simply need to do is put your fingers down on the little buttons simultaneously and it opens up the lock very simply. Some daddies and mommies don't like toilets childproofed with toilet locks, but if you spread the word and explain how to open and close the toilet lock, it can be installed in your home and used effectively.

How are doorknob covers used in childproofing?

Doorknob covers can be used to lock off certain rooms, one of the cheapest ways to childproof your home. And doorknob covers work well if the knob of the door is round. Sometimes it's egg-shaped, or sometimes it's a lever shape, and the knob covers clearly won't make these childproof because they won't fit. And when that happens, there are different types of locks that can be used on the door top. We have a door lock here that is one of my favourite products. It's aesthetic and it will work on any door that is the normal standard door height, and these products are wonderful because the baby is disallowed access to wherever it's turned on.

At what age do children need to have doorknob covers installed for their safety?

The doorknob covers work when your child is up and walking and able to do side-to side wrist movement. However, if you have lever locks in your home, your baby can get into that room even before that child is walking age, because all they have to do is crawl over to the door, climb up the door, and then hang on the lever lock and they're in. So, I would say, for crawling-age children, you probably want to put the lever locks or the top door locks on, like I said, when they're crawling. And when your toddler starts to walk, it's a good time to put on those knob covers.